Beach Haven Primary School

Job Name: Beach Haven Primary School
Contract Value: $35,000 plus GST
Dates: June 2021 installation (Court Opened in September 2021)
Size: 26m x 15m Basketball Court
Supplier: APT
Layout: 1 x Basketball Court with 2 Mega Slam Hoops and School Logo
Product: Proballer
Consultant / Project Manager: GameOn Turf
Head Contractor: GameOn Turf
  • Initial talks with the School to convert old 50 year old asphalt court with broken hoops into a useful space
  • Baseworks required remedials to bad undulations / algae
  • Installation 2 x Mega Slam Height Adjustable Hoops with Actuator Locks
  • Black / Grey / Blue Proballer Court with 50mm Line markings
  • Court Opening Great success with whole School involved
  • Presentation by Tom Abercrombie, Hayden Allen MC, Breakers Players
  • Dunk Contest, Staff vs Students game, Sausage Sizzle, Prize Giveaways

Before installing the Proballer Turf and Mega Slam Hoops our children were playing ball on a court that was uneven, slippery and lifeless. The hoops were way too high for them to perfect their shots and it just wasn't somewhere the students chose to play. Having the school logo in the centre and the colour combo of the court has really lifted the environment of this area of the school and is the most popular place to play. The students are so proud of the court and hoops and inspired more students to take the game of basketball up.

Opening day was such a buzz for all our students and more importantly those that have an interest in basketball. The smiles on our students faces seeing Tom Abercrombie shooting hoops on our court and presenting the school with a basketball was a big highlight. Just last week we had students talking about it like it was yesterday (over 6 months later).

We are so grateful for the care and support from Gameon Turf and Court Kings for bringing this space to life again.

Anoushka Dallow – Deputy Principal

Referees: Lester Dallow | Caretaker - Ph: 021 223 4444