Court Kings can design, build and install a complete standalone court specific to your schools requirements. Everything is customisable; imagine having your school colours and logos on your courts!

In addition, Court Kings offer an original, trade-marked multisport design as well. In this not only will you get your customary Basket Ball hoops and line markings, but we can also add in Netball, Futsal, Tennis, Hockey, Cricket and any desired PE markings; again, all fully customisable.

Let's make your court dreams come true!


Before installing the Proballer Turf and Mega Slam Hoops our children were playing ball on a court that was uneven, slippery and lifeless. The hoops were way too high for them to perfect their shots and it just wasn't somewhere the students chose to play. Having the school logo in the centre and the colour combo of the court has really lifted the environment of this area of the school and is the most popular place to play. The students are so proud of the court and hoops and inspired more students to take the game of basketball up.

Anoushka Dallow – Deputy Principal

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